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Time flies.

So far, what I’ve achieved?
I was able to get myself a new job. For that, I was grateful and thank Allah SWT for that. Alhamdullilah. At least, it is a new start.

I was burned out and totally hit the rock bottom. Alhamdullilah I came back to my senses. Again, thanks to Allah SWT for the blessing.  I hope and I pray I would be a better person each day. InsyaAllah, amin..

On unrelated note, it’s been years.. months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. At times, I did wonder and asked myself. Am I have been forgotten? Part of me says yes and part of me says, you’re in denial adam. Truth hurts.

New year, new life, new job, new style, new look and new haircut but one still remain the same.



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while i was browsing youtube.. i was quite shocked with my finding. i realized love can really make someone go nuts. somehow, i don’t want to say that she is stupid or trying to get popularity by posting her videos in youtube but she is merely human. she has feelings and flaws and no one is perfect in this cynical world.

maybe what she did is wrong and she is subconscious. the world can’t simply blame her for acting or behaving like that. how i wish i could help her but i know it is impossible. but nothing is impossible. i still can help her. yes i do. i can pray for her and hope she’ll be much stronger and find her own paths to happiness. same goes with me. insyaAllah. amin~


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As we grew older, our circle of friends became so limited and I realized my birthday wishes is getting lesser and lesser each year. Even I was hoping at least there is another human being could at least wish me on that day. But I guess I hope too much and I must stop hoping for something which is uncertain and be grateful for whatever I have right now. At least I have two, three friends that were trying hard to put a smile on my face. Another year older is not something that I am proud of because I am dealing with greater responsibilities. I am not ready for all these. I can’t even take care of myself. I am not ready for whatever is waiting for me in the future. There are so many things in my mind and there are so many things to achieve in this life. I do not know where to begin.

I hope and I pray, He would be able to guide me and be a better person each day. InsyaAllah

songs of the month

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ok let’s karaoke.. sing out loud.
are you ready for our first song?

p/s: i don’t know what it’s like to be like you, so i keep my mouth shut.

now, are you ready with our next song?
take a deep breath… uhmmppphhh.. phewwww
alright!! now click for our next karaoke session.

so amcam? nak karaoke lagi?

ntah la

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Hmm.. Lately ada la perempuan-perempuan yang roughly aged 29-35 yang dok message belaka di-skype. Soalan-soalannya kadang-kadang membuat aku mual dan bosan. Ada yang marah apabila tak dikasi response, ada yang dok buzz buzz dan ada yang dok calling-calling walaupun dah baper kali aku tekan butang ignore. Don’t they just get the hints? Hello..

Contoh situasi pertama, marah disebabkan aku ignore callingnya. “Tak menghormati ar. Org kol atleast angkat ar.. ni jwpn dia, sy nk dgr lagu. Do u think its appropriate? Mmg ar tu hak wk, but atleast respect ar. Tak luak air liur tu”. Gila ke apa? Tetiba nak emo plak. Kenal pon idak..

Contoh situasi kedua, aku bertanyakan course apa yang diambil masa study? Jawapannya, “engineering“. Kemudian dia juga menambah, “Naper? Takut nak kawan ngan pompuan yang ambil engineering?“. Hahaha. Lawak yang tak boleh blah.. Kenapa perlu aku rasa takut kalau ko amik engineering? Hebat sangatkah setakat ambil engineering. Macam la aku tade kawan-kawan yang ambil engineering.

Contoh situasi ketiga, “hi awak, maaf dulu. tuk keselmtn bersama. hehehe. wk ni dh khwn ke? tunang org ke? pkwe org ke?” Geli geleman plak rasanya. Adeiiii..

Contoh situasi keempat, “td ada budak teenagers 2 org kacau i masa i ke psr mlm. i diam jer la.. i pki sexy sgt kot? i weekend mmg biasala braless n pantyless. hm kat umah i telanjang jer. Hehehe notty kan i? Naked now heheh. What are you wearing? Panaskan skarang?“. Ni kes tebiat nak mampus niii!

Contoh situasi kelima, “teruk la u. didn’t reply me. bz masturbate la tu? i tau u malu ma.. lagi suka aku kacau kau”. Ni pon tebiat nak mampus!!

I rest my case..

a knock on my head

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it’s been awhile..

honestly, i gave up on writing.. some said, my writing is annoying, full of sadness and self-pity. some said,  i shouldn’t stop writing and to hell with others. but one person said, “keep on writing adam. you have a talent. it is called creative writing“. and i was like.. haaa? she gotta be kidding. oh well, thanks for her support anyway.

as for today, my friend said to me that i’ve changed. i am not that funny guy anymore and it’s hard to see me smiling.  i was stunt. then, my mind was off flying somewhere.. trying to flashback about the past. yes, he is right. i am a different person now. i don’t want to be this person. i want to be the old adam, the happy guy.

i want to be happy, again!

“you can never be who you want to be if you’re always looking over your shoulder what could’ve been”

akan datang

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السلام عليكم

ننتيكن كمونچولن بوكو “خالدا ابتيهج” د ڤاسرن اوليه اليا اريانا، سأورڠ ڤنوليس مودا يڠ برباكت بسر. اونتوق كتراڠن لنجوت سيلا لايري دسيني

آدم ناذروددين